Sunday, February 15, 2009

Wow- it's been awhile!

Hey Everyone,
I just talked to April, and she continues to do well overall. She's had a few scares but is doing great. During a cath last week, her artery collapsed and she said it felt like the night of her heart attack, but she was surrounded by the medical team at Duke and they were able to treat her immediately and she had no lasting effects, except a funky thumping heartbeat for a few days. Tonight I spoke with her and they went to the ER at Duke again last night, but all is well. She has an irregular heartbeat, and said she could feel it beating in her throat, and it was a very fast heartbeat. They did labs, and her magnesium levels are low, so they've adjusted her meds.
Of course, all this is concerning to us, but the medical team has yet to really get excited, which makes me think this is all part of the process. I think it's made April and Darrell more reserved with things, but they continue to make progress and heal.
I hope you are still praying. On the bright side, the last few biopsy reports have all came back with zero rejection rates, which means the body is continuing to accept the new heart!! :)
So continue to pray for healing, and please pray against fear. I don't want April to live in fear of something happening, and while there's a fine line between respecting the need for healing and resting, and the need to start to re-enter daily life, I'm worried it will be hard to get back to the day to day. Pray on, good people!
Hope you are having a great 2009 thus far!

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