Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Tues, March 24

Hey All!
Just a quick note to say all is well. I talked to Ape tonight and she sounded the strongest I've heard in ages. She has a biopsy tomorrow, which is the first in a month (the longest she's gone thus far and the start of a series of 1 biopsy a month for three months, and then it goes to one every three months!). Pray for a big, fat ZERO rejection rate!
I also talked to Ms. Grace, who is hilarious! She was wide open as Darrell's parents had just arrived at their house, and she asked me how "Sampson" and "Rudy" were. I heard "Watson" and "Peanut" and told her they were great. She screamed in the phone "He's a good dog!" and then handed it back to Ape. HILARIOUS!! She's always called Watson "Sampson" but has never forgotten Peanut's name.
We're trying to find a week we can all hit the beach for our annual trip. Can't wait!!!!!!

Monday, March 2, 2009

Wow- it's been awhile!

Hey Everyone!
Sorry for the lapse in communication, but no news really IS GREAT news! Ape continues to thrive, and I have no good stories to report. I talked to her tonight, and she's now driving some around the neighborhood, and Darrell is going back to work tomorrow. Ape is blessed with wonderful people in her daily life, and a friend is going to pick Grace up and take her to daycare so Darrell can go back to work. April is doing well, and is doing more now, changing Grace's diapers, cleaning up after dinner, etc. Still no heavy lifting (can't lift Grace, for instance) but feels good and is healing well.
But I remind you. We must pray. For total healing. For total peace. For total trust. For all of us.
God is faithful and just. Perhaps we just don't understand the 'just' part.