Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Tues, March 24

Hey All!
Just a quick note to say all is well. I talked to Ape tonight and she sounded the strongest I've heard in ages. She has a biopsy tomorrow, which is the first in a month (the longest she's gone thus far and the start of a series of 1 biopsy a month for three months, and then it goes to one every three months!). Pray for a big, fat ZERO rejection rate!
I also talked to Ms. Grace, who is hilarious! She was wide open as Darrell's parents had just arrived at their house, and she asked me how "Sampson" and "Rudy" were. I heard "Watson" and "Peanut" and told her they were great. She screamed in the phone "He's a good dog!" and then handed it back to Ape. HILARIOUS!! She's always called Watson "Sampson" but has never forgotten Peanut's name.
We're trying to find a week we can all hit the beach for our annual trip. Can't wait!!!!!!

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