Friday, January 2, 2009

Friday, Jan 2

Hey again,
Nothing too big to report. I spoke with Darrell this morning and April had a good night. He thought PT was coming in today to get her up, but I'm trying to be patient and give him a break from the phone. I trust he will call me with super good or not so good news. So it must be all good.
I need a scanner. I have one but my dear terrier chewed the cable to it last year and I've yet to replace it. But I have such fun pics of Trever, April, Darrel and I from the years.....even me and Apey from kindergarten graduation!! I'll try to gather them all tomorrow and head to Kinkos to scan them. You'll love them!
So go hug your spouses/kids/parents/dogs and be grateful for each moment,

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