Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Tues night....nothing new. just a random story

So I can't sleep. I'm instead surfing the web and playing. Here's a story from college.

So Darrell LOVES April. They first met because our Dorm Resident Director our freshman year (Jessica) was engaged to Darrell's friend Brian. They introduced D and A, and the night of their first date, and they left Powell Hall and walked to his dark blue Mustang parked in 20 minute parking, I screamed (ever-so-maturely) out the dorm window something to the effect of "You kids have fun. Take care of MY April!"

Wow- he lived through heck on earth from me to date April. And marry her. And live with ME (sort of) happily ever after!!!! :)

I can't wait til tomorrow. Haircut for me first thing, and then off to Clayton to see Ape!

You praying??? No rejection. Grace and fam to acclimate. Total 100% recovery.
Pray pray pray!!!!!

FYI- blogspot's clock is still sooooo wrong...It's 11:49 pm.


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