Friday, January 9, 2009

Friday, Jan 9, 2009

Hmmmm.....let's see....what to share.

1. The human head weighs 8 lbs (something like that).
2. There are 17 rooms for guests at the Ronald McDonald House in Winston Salem but we are expanding soon.
3. The red light on Queen St NEVER changes during slow hours so I am forced to run it often.



Yep. You heard it here first!! April got to go home today, 31 days after hospitalization. I just talked to Darrell and he sounded like a new man. She has no IVs or anything hooked up or plugged in.

BUT, I must remind you that the brakes are on visitation. They really want awhile to be home and rest, and re-acclimate Grace to having both parents at home, etc. So I'll post their home address, but the hospital will forward any mail they get in the next week to the house as well. So if you've mailed something recently, it'll get to them.

Lastly, our job has not changed. We must continue to pray for the heart to function and be accepted, and for the adjustment for everyone at home. Grace needs prayer to understand why mommy can't play.

Thanks to each of you.

"In Him our hearts rejoice, for we trust in His holy name." Psalms 33:21

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  1. That is a true miracle, Jeanie. Thank you for sharing this blog. I don't know you very well, and I don't know April but I am touched by what God is doing in your lives. I will continue to pray for April and her family.