Sunday, January 4, 2009

Visiting April- The Basics

Hey Everyone,
As I explained in the update from today, April's immune system is getting ready to drop. Because of this, Darrell and I came up with a few tips for visiting April. I've struggled with how to be polite and not insult anyone, but it's a typed message. You can't hear the sincerity I type with, so please read these as written by a friend of 30 years to April who wants nothing but a healed April, and not as a blunt, frank control freak! :) We all appreciate your prayers/cards/visits, oh, and prayers!

So here goes...
1. Contact Darrell to see if April's up for company, isn't out for an xray, etc.
2. If you are feeling anything less than a total 100%, please consider waiting for a day or two before coming to see April, to make sure you are healthy.
3. Keep the visits short, and know that she gets winded easily when trying to chat. She also gets very tired quickly, so visit for 15-20 minutes, and then asked her if she'd like to rest or if she's ok.
4. There is a hand-sanitizer station outside each patient's room. Please squirt this in your hand and rub it in.
5. As much as Ape loves to hug, please be considerate and make no physical contact unless she initiates it. She's going to be super-compromised and very succeptible to germs.

Thanks folks! I could go on, but then it would turn into the control freak typing!! :)

Pray on, Good People!

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