Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy, Fiesty New Year

Hi All,
Someone we know is getting fiesty, so the staff are allowing one person to sit with April all the time in the ICU to keep her oriented and calmer. I just got to sit with her for an hour. They took April off the vent yesterday, and she's doing great! Her vitals are stable and everyone's pleased with her progress. But girlfriend wants water!!! She has to pass a swallow test before she's allowed, and the speech pathology dept is off today because of the holiday. Ape's not too pleased. I can see her point. Seems like someone should be on-call at least. But what do I know?

April's also on alot of fentanil (sp?) for pain, and that brings visions of guerillas swinging from the TV, mosquitoes flying around, and cats running down the hall! :) I didn't argue with her, as that agitates her, but just told her the monkeys are funny looking, and swatted the 'skeeters away.

Here's one conversation we just had.
A: "I went to a furniture exhibition instead of having a heart transplant."
J: "What did you say, Ape?"
A: Waving her left arm angrily...."I WAS MAKING A JOKE, JEANIE!"
J; "OH I get it, April!"

Then she became lucid and asked for a swallow-test again. She said "This affects my care and reflects poorly on Duke." I told her she's had phenomonal care and we have to trust Duke and the RNs, and she got agitated. I wish I could sneak her some ice chips. :(

But praise the Lord, she's doing great and Darrell actually went to the hotel across the street last night and SLEPT IN A BED!! The poor dude is wiped out.

So PRAY PRAY PRAY for a passed swallow-test!!!


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