Sunday, January 4, 2009

Sunday's notes

Hey All,
I'm back from a good day at Duke. April is looking incredible, and is off supplemental oxygen and most of the IVs. She still has a few, and she's hooked to a temporary pacemaker that she can carry in one hand. Should her heart rate start to drop below 60 beats per minute, the pacemaker will kick in. But so far that hasn't happened. They've taken out her NG tube (feeding tube) from her nose. She had a hard night Saturday, and was up almost all night with stomach aches. They think it was the 'stuff' running through the feeding tube that's upset her stomach. Hopefully that will be over now.
The biopsy of her heart was taken Thursday, and the MD said the body is starting 'at a microscopic level' to reject the heart. He was very calm and said it was totally expected. Since April's chest was left open for a few days after the transplant, they couldn't start her on the anti-rejection meds. Essentially, the anti-rejection meds are immuno-suppressants. Here's my 'dumbed down' explanation. The body sees her new heart as a 'foreign' objects, just like a germ or something bad for us. The body has sent the brave little antibodies to 'attack' the heart to rid the body of it. By giving Ape immuno-suppressants, it keeps the immune system from attacking the heart. They are also giving antibiotics to ward off any infections. The RN said tonight it's a 'fine balance' between suppressing the immune system and keeping April safe from infections.
They'll do another biospy Thursday, so hopefully there's no more advancement in the body's rejection.
So you know my sign-off. PRAY PRAY PRAY!!!!!!! Pray for April's body to accept the heart, pray for April's rest and recovery, pray for Darrell and Jean as they are exhausted and stressed and pray for whatever else you think to pray for! :)

Oh, on a technical note, I finally realized I could check the security on the blog, and the default setting for comments was to only allow people who use gmail to log comments, so I've changed it to all anyone to post! Try it...if it doesn't work, let me know via email and I'll see if my computer friend at work can help.




  1. Hi Jeanie
    Just wanted to see if this woul really work this time.

  2. Jeannie,
    Please know that we (all here in Mountain City so far away) really appreciate you taking the time to place all the post/updates about April. Most of the time it's all we hang on to for information. Please tell April that we continue to pray daily that God will just hold her hand while she endures this time in her life. We don't ask why, we just pray to endure. Please as more time passes let us know what the needs are for Darrell, Jean, April or even you. Someone may be able to help or we can pray harder. Again thanks for all the post and the time you take out to do this. Tell her we love her and please take care of yourself as well, traveling back and forth. Tricia Morefield

  3. Ok now I'm in business.
    I have been trying to figure out how to get a little note to tell you Thank You and let you know how appreciative I am that you take time out to keep us informed of April's progress.
    I have only known April for about 6-7 months because I have the delightful job of caring for she and Darrell's precious little Miss Gracie. And I must say - If your "Ape" brings as much joy to your life as little Miss Grace does to mine - then we are two very lucky individuals!! (I just adore the whole family, I feel so blessed that our paths have crossed).
    Gracie is such a SMART, sweet, loving, caring and sometimes even mischevious.:) (all totally age appropriate):)
    I do faithfully believe that April will be restored completly and be a testimony of how GREAT God is!!
    I will continue to check the blog and pray daily for progress.
    If you dont mind- the next time you speak with Darrell please let him that I keeping up with April's progress through your blog and If he needs ANY help with Gracie to just call!!
    Thank you and have a wonderful and blessed 2009
    Natasha Allen

  4. Hey Jeanie, Just got done reading todays update which I have been checking on it several times a day. I know April is a fighter and I know there are numerous prayers going up for her and her family and you also. I cannot even begin to imagine the exhaustion you all must feel but I do know that our God is an awesome God and I know he will heal April. But the hard part for us to accept is he will do it in his time, not ours. Things happen for a reason and this may be something she has to go through to open someone else's eyes up. Anyways, Thank you so much for all the time you have put into this to keep us informed. Please tell April hello and we love her and that she is in our daily prayers. Molly (Hodge) Bunting