Thursday, January 8, 2009

How quickly a month passes....

It's been one month today since April had the heart attack! How is that possible? Just a quick recap...three codes, two hospitals, 24 hours of TOTAL GRIPPING fear, a full week of not knowing much, marked improvement that led to the step down unit, a phone call on Dec 26, a transplant hours later, refer back to 24 hours of TOTAL GRIPPING fear. Lather, rinse, repeat.

BUT I must also point out that this was a month of miracles. I had been on the phone with April that night til 10:30, then her mom called to check in, so April was up later than normal and was awake during the attack. Dr. Milano said has she been asleep she would have never had a chance. They moved to NC a few years ago, neither being excited about the move, but now live within an hour of two or three major medical facilities. The Cardiothoracic surgeon at Duke is one of the nation's most skilled and 'happened to be' on service that Tuesday. She was writing notes two nights after the attack, which showed full neurological ability. The attack happened during the holiday season, (and I'm not being cold here) which is one of the 'best' times to get organs because of all the travels/parties, etc. The surgeon found a clot in Ape's native heart and said she could have stroked in a big way at any time had that clot shifted. I could go on, but you get my point.

Beware.....I'm going sappy here for a minute. But what have you done this month that matters? Sure, we did Christmas and gave gifts and brought in the New Year. Those days happened regardless of our 'feeling ready' or being excited. That's how the calendar year works. But did you play the new game you got for your kids with them, or rush them to clean up to hit the next spot? Did you sit with the grandmother you see three times a year and listen to her stories from 'back in the day', or did you rush through dinner with her to make the next party? Did you say a prayer for that relative we all have that is just totally annoying/frustrating/fill in your own word, or did you skip out the back door when he/she entered the front door?

I'm not pointing fingers. I didn't do a good job this year with anyone at home either. I was stressed because one dog barfed in the car and the other peed on the tree and crapped in the floor (Again, sorry Mom!). I was frustrated because I don't have a nice, reliable car. None of that matters. What matters is that God's hand is in the mix, whether we want to see it/take the time to see it or not. It's easy to see the big miracles this last month, but did we miss the little ones along the way? Just think about it.

Now I'm strapping on my knee brace and jumping off my soap box. :)

Tomorrow brings the results of the biopsy. PRAY PRAY PRAY April's body is hosting a 'welcome home' party for the heart.


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