Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Weds with April

I got to go hang out with April today and folks, the girl is doing SUPER DOOPER INCREDIBLY AWESOMELY GREAT!! She's up and around, and had gone on a 30 minute walk in the gym at her church this morning. They were eating lunch when I got there, and she ate a serving of rice, a chicken breast with mango salsa and a pile of snap peas. We hung out all afternoon and she talked really well without getting too winded. She's not allowed to do much with her arms because of the pressure on the sternum til it grows back together, but other than that, she's pretty much on her own, with pain/tiredness as her guide (if it hurts/makes you tired, stop doing it!). Her daily blood pressure and pulse rate checks have been right on target too.

She talked alot about the whole experience and was in really good spirits about it. She said numerous times that God was at work and has some crazy reason for this that we none understand yet. I told her she was to become a tent-preacher or televangelist to share her story! She was in good spirits! AND her neighbors got a bassett puppy for Christmas! It was all I could do to keep myself from stealing it!!! CUTE!!!

Tomorrow's another full workup. Tests, x-rays, biopsy and office visit with Dr. Milano. Pray for great results. She's a little concerned about weight. On Dec 11, she was at 107lbs, and today's weigh in at home was 94lbs. But she's eating well so we'll see what the Doc thinks.

GO APEY GO!!! And pray all of you pray!!!! Pray for a good day of exams and test results tomorrow.


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