Tuesday, December 30, 2008

ahhhh....finally got an update....

Hey Everyone,
Here's an email I just got from Darrell.

I lost my power cord and ran out of charge. They closed April up today and thus far
(approx 3 hours after closing) her heart is doing well. Barring something unforseen
occurring the next steps are to remove her balloon pump and wean her off the vent, as
these 2 things keep her prone. After they are removed they will try sitting her up in a
day or so and remove some IV's and start light walking. I will update you again soon,
will try to get a charger in meantime.

We must get that man a charger!! I can't go another full 24 hours without knowing what's up with Ape!!! :) But it sounds good and God is GOOD!

But, we must keep praying praying praying!!!!

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