Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Whoooo Hooooo Weds Morning!

I just talked to APRIL!!! I'm at work and my cell phone rang, and Darrell's number popped up. I answered with my typical "What's up Dude?" and April said "Hey Jeanie!" I screamed "POKEY!" and my office-mates all laughed. :) She sounded good, but can only talk three to four minutes before being totally winded. She had been out for her morning lap, and walked 900 feet. The MDs have told her to walk that route three times a day now. She's in the step down unit so Darrell can stay in the room with her now. She got to see Grace briefly last night, and the MDs said if she continues to do this well, she'll be home for Christmas, unless of course a heart becomes available. GO APRIL GO!!!

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