Sunday, December 28, 2008

A lighter note....

I meant to post this earlier but just now remembered. Yesterday, Daniel, Darrell and I walked to the cafeteria to grab either lunch or dinner (I can't remember!). We were sitting in front of a TV, and it was on the Duke Employee Network, which is essentially a running advertisement for the medical teams at Duke, research studies, etc. But along the bottom, apparently they run 'random facts' across the screen. Yesterday's was, and I quote...."It is illegal in the state of TN to shoot at any animal from a moving vehicle, with the exception of a whale."

Now, many of you are in TN reading this, and I grew up in good ol Rocky Top. Watauga Lake is beautiful, as is Douglas Lake, Boone Lake, etc. But never in my almost 35 years have I seen a WHALE in TN!!!! We got a fantastic laugh from this yesterday.

Today, Darrell and I walked down after our 3pm visit with April, and the random fact was (and I can't quote this verbatim) that it's illegal in Minnesota to cross state lines with a duck on your head. Where do I start with the comments??? Where does the Duke Employee Network find these facts??? Trever, PLEASE watch Randy....of all the Minnesotans, I can see him trying to do this...

Too funny that it was TN and MN, which is April's home and Trever's home now!!! Just keepin it real for a minute!

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