Friday, December 26, 2008

This is the day the Lord hath made, and He's thrown in a HEART FOR APRIL!!!!!!

Ok Folks.
If you've ever had to bear with me, that pales in comparison to now. Forgive me in mind is racing and my hands are shaking. This is the most important day of April's physical life, and I'm in Winston Salem blogging through tears and feelings of the need to up-chuck.
So I got to Duke at 2 today, complete with Christmas dinner from my awesome Mom. Darrell took off shortly to go home and shower, and see Grace. April and I had a great, quiet afternoon. I got to wear the mask while the RN changed her sterile dressing, and got to chat with April about Christmas in TN. She then told me to turn out the light and we were both just quiet. It was sweet.
Dr. Milano came in around 4, and reminded Ape that she wouldn't be going home until she had the transplant. He then grinned a bit and said "But if all goes as planned, you're getting a new heart tonight." He got a call about a heart that was available, and he said the match was PRELIMINARILY approved. They still had to run lab tests, and he wanted his team to see it to examine it. He assured April he would NOT take the first heart available, but would hold out for the best heart. His team was suiting up to fly out to see the heart. We have no idea where it's coming from.
I called Darrell and he and Jean came back to Duke, and April was in the middle of a million blood draws for labs. The RNs and the PA-Cs are incredible wonderful people, and they were on it from the get-go, prepping April in case this is the one.
Around 7, I decided to come on home to feed some friend's cats and walk my dogs, and told Darrell to call no matter what time, and no matter if it was a match or not. I was at the exit for 52 here in WS when he called. He said "Jeanie, they accepted the heart 10 minutes ago. They're flying it back and they'll start surgery within an hour of it getting here. " I told him I'd turn around after letting the dogs out, but he's convinced me to think logically and stay home and come in morning, so at least one of us is somewhat fresh.
When the first call came in, April looked at me and was terrified but grinning. I asked if she was ok, and she said she was excited but scared to death. We talked for a few minutes about the last three weeks, and what was about to happen. We then got quiet, and Ape said "I'm just going to pray for awhile." "Me too." I said. and it was nice and quiet. I think she's doing well with the plans overall.
On a lighter note, when the coordinator called April, she told April no more food/drink. She hung up and said "Jeanie, I can't eat the Christmas dinner you brought!" I promised April than the very day she gets to eat real food again, even if I have to cook it myself, she'll have a FEAST like she's never seen!!! (I may enlist some of you who can cook to help with this promise!)
So pray. Specifically pray
1. For April's peace. Not peace like a river, but peace that surpasses ALL UNDERSTANDING!!!
2 For Carmello Milano, MD. He needs the power of the Great Physician flowing through his hands tonight. Pray he's rested, alert and ready to roll.
3. For April's family. Darrell will be up all night, and those of us not there may be as well. Pray for rest and faith for the family.
4. For April's total recovery.

OK...this blog between phone calls has taken over an hour. I just talked to Darrell and they took April back an hour ago!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It's now 10:12 pm. The blog site has it's own time system.

PRAY PRAY PRAY PRAY PRAY PRAY harder than ever!!!

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  1. Santa Clause may be able to deliver presents, but only God can deliver a heart for Christmas (or the day after). Prayers for April are going out across the country and around the world.