Saturday, December 20, 2008

What a good day!

Howdy Ho Neighbors!
I just got home a few minutes ago from Duke, and April is a totally different woman than I left last Saturday!!! I got there right as the resident came in to take out her last drain tube (YEA!!! Only one IV to drag around now!) and they took her for a chest XRay. Duke is one efficient hospital, I must say. They had her back in no time. She then walked laps around the unit, and then we went back to her room. I'll tell you a bit about her walking in a minute.
Her cousin Em and Em's family came over from TN to visit today, as well as a former co-worker at JC Med Center in Johnson City. Ape was very excited to see Christy, so thank you Christy, for making the long drive over!!! April was very grateful you came. Em and her crew brought smiles to April as well, as no one knew they were coming. April was in her recliner most of the day, and then walked another 5 laps later this afternoon. She's doing great with recovering.
Darrell had gone home for the afternoon, and he returned around 5:15 and brought Grace to visit. Kids are allowed in the room on the step down unit, so April enjoyed seeing Gracie.
When I got there today, April was finishing lunch. Grilled chicked and veggies that were steamed. She said that's all they bring her is chicken and veggies. She can't have wheat products, but you'd think the nutrition dept at Duke would be able to come up with something different. So this evening I was saying something random and said 'cheeseburger' and Ape lit up. She said "I want a cheeseburger and fries!" So Em went down and got a burger sans the bun and April gobbled most of it up and ate a bunch of fries. She said it was wonderful! :)
It was fantastic to talk to April and see her feeling so much better. It was hard at times for me to watch what I said because laughing induces LOTS of pain for Apey.
The latest word from her RN today is that they may keep April in the hospital until a heart becomes available. She has a small hole in her heart, and the Doc said 30% of the general population has the same hole in their hearts and it causes no trouble. But they're concerned her blood gasses (I think) may get out of whack so they may keep her inpatient to keep an eye on her.
For April to get up and walk is quite the ordeal. She has to unplug the pump from the wall, hook up the battery pack, strap the 2 batteries into the holster she has to wear, pack her bag with a spare battery and spare controller (looks like a video game controller to me!), and then get the IV pole. The RN made the joke that April's weight doubled when she walked because of all the batteries. I carried the bag with the spare battery and controller and it was heavy!
The physical therapist came in for the second walk with a 'walker' of sorts, and was adjusting it. He asked April how tall she was, and she dejectedly said "4'11"." I CRACKED up and said "Oh how she longs to say 5 feet!" April agreed......
Ok...enough rambling. Oh...many of you have emailed me saying you have tried to log a comment and it wouldn't post. I have no idea why, but I'm sorry. I'd love to have 20 comments a day to take to April!
Thanks for faithfully checking in and continue to PRAY PRAY PRAY!

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