Friday, December 12, 2008


Friends and family,

Trever and I just got home from Duke, and guess what.......guess again....come can do it.......give up? One more guess...nope. Ok. April is OFF THE VENT!!! She actually got to speak to us and eat ice chips tonight! Trever was there while the took her off, but Darrell and I had gone back to their house so Darrell could shower/pay bills and I could help get Grace fed and give the grandmas a brief break. But Trever said all the RNs and MDs in that unit were gathered around April, beaming with joy at how well she is doing. The crew on 3200 at Duke is a phenominal (sp? I'm beyond tired and can't spell!) team of medical people. They have been wonderful with April.

For years, I've called April 'Pokey' because she tends to complete tasks in her own time frame, and 'savors each moment' (nice way of saying she can be a slowpoke to an ADHD friend!). I busted into her little area in the ICU tonight when we got back and said "Pokey, in the 30 years I've known you, this the fastest you've ever done anything, and I LOVE it!" Ape grinned and the RN cracked up. I had to tell the RN briefly about the name "Pokey". Then in typical April fashion, she asked where I was staying. When I told her I was driving back and forth, she shook her head back and forth and said "OH Jeanie, your car..." The girl is ALWAYS thinking about others. Trever said the first thing April said to the RN was "Thank you." She's an amazing woman! (April, not the RN, though she's really cool too!

The next step for April should be determined in a day or two. I'll keep you posted.

Also, allow me to say as well, as I've thought it alot but have yet to say "God is good!"

Good night, all, and PRAY PRAY PRAY!!

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  1. Prayer has the effect of speeding healing I do believe! I am so glad that she is doing better and better... I know she has a long way to go, but she is improving and that is what is so important right now!! Love you all!