Saturday, December 27, 2008

Lots of thoughts...I hope I capture them all!

Greetings again!

I'm home now, and the official time is 9:25 pm, as opposed to the crazy time blogspot will post. I left Duke after Darrell got the report from the MDs. They did an echo, as opposed to the ultrasound I said earlier. Sorry..I get all my medical procedures mixed up! The good news is there is no fluid on the heart, or any 'mechanical issues' (my words, not theirs!). They said the left side of the heart is beating well, but the right side is 'sluggish' (their word, not mine!). The doc said he's going to give it a few days to adjust itself before he gets overly concerned. Darrell will call me if anything should change tonight, and of course, I'll relay the news as soon as I can.

I've focused on the prayer needs this whole time, and failed to share the other random stories that make April's big story complete. One instance from tonight....

As, I've said before, everyone in the ICU Waiting Room gets to know one another. When someone gets to visit the patient, we all await the reports. It's a very close community that forms almost immediately in the face of crisis. There was a new-to-me gentleman in the waiting room today, and he was the nicest man I've ever met. He seems truly genuine, concerned, and kind. Megan and I were chatting about him, and we decided he has to be a pastor. He had that air about him. Around 6, he and his wife were getting ready to leave. He checked in with each family and said goodbye. We said our goodbyes and see-you-tomorrows, and they left. Megan got up to go feed her 6 month old out in the lobby, so Darrell, Jean, Kyle and I were left in the waiting room. I looked up and this man was back in the doorway. He came over and knelt in front of Darrell, and he said "Now, I'm no preacher, but I'm a Christian, and I was so burdened for your family when we got to my car, I told my wife I wanted to come back up and ask if I could pray for you. Now if you aren't comfortable with my lifting you up to the Lord, I understand, but may I?" We all excitedly agreed, and he offered a wonderful prayer for April and the family! It was amazing.

Then there's Sam. He's also an older gentleman whose wife is still in the ICU. He checks in with Darrell every chance he gets, and spent alot of time tonight chatting with him. It's good to see people in such states of crisis care for one another, as it's easy to become very focused on oneself. I was sitting in the waiting room tonight watching all the interactions and just wondered how many times a day I cross someone in crisis, but fail to see it/hear it?! We need to stop and see/listen and respond. What a better place would this world be?!

So continue to pray for April's total recovery, but also for those families in the 3200 waiting room at Duke. It's an amazing place!



  1. I read this last night, but I couldn't comment because of the memories it brought back to me. The comraderie of the ICU waiting room is something that you don't want to experience, but when you do, it is something you will never forget. I am praying for April-and you, Trever, Jean, Darrell, and Kyle.

  2. much love to you. i know it is april's story, but it is your struggle to because you love her and i love you so i pray and pray. i shared the word with green st.