Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Tuesday pm

Hey All,
April has a new trick. She's now had two 'TIAs', or 'mini-strokes'. Darrell called me today at work, and told me she had another episode last night (or this morning, I can't remember!) with blurred vision/slurred speech and he got the RNs, PAs and MDs. She checked out well in the cardio area, so they took her this morning for a CT scan and the neurologist noted two mini-strokes. By the way, I'm completely amazed at the technology and such! But he told Ape and Darrell that she had the first about 2 weeks ago, the 2nd within the last three days. Now humor me...I skipped the day of neurology in med school...(those of you who don't know me personally, the closest I've EVER been to med school was living with a roommate who really was in med school, and now I work for a med school....never ever ever been a med student..just my sick humor!) Darrell said there's a 'hanging vessel' or something like that and the cardiothoracic surgeon thinks this is the cause, and when April gets a new heart, this will be resolved. That's my dumbed-down interpretation.
Nonetheless.....we've been excited that April's doing so well, but she's still in a very dire situation. I'm beggin here, but please PRAY PRAY PRAY!!!!!

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