Saturday, December 13, 2008

Saturday night

Good evening Friends!

I just got home a few minutes ago from Duke and April continues to do well. She was drinking water by herself, and asking about my family and how everyone was doing. She did remark that her chest was hurting and she asked for some more meds at one point, but she's really looking good. She may get to try some ice cream or jello tomorrow. She's starting to talk about wanting to eat. :)

Trever had to fly home today, so that was sad for us. We're thankful she could be here this week though, and I know it means alot to Ape that she came down so quickly. Another thing that's struck me is the gentleman in the waiting room. It's a small pod in the ICU, and we've gotten to know the other families there and we know check in on them as well. He's married, and his 45 year old wife has been in the ICU for 4 weeks now. They have one set of twins who are 3, and another set of twins who are 6 months. The mom found out when she was 6 weeks pregnant with the 2nd set that she had breast cancer. She has been through chemo and radiation, and after the radiation she went into cardiac arrest. I think she's had other heart trouble before but she now has a pump like April's, and is not a candidate for transplant due to the cancer. It's insane! This gentleman had the wherewithall to encourage us tonight, and checked in on me and Jean before he left to go do dinner/baths/bedtime with FOUR kids under 3!
Folk, I think April would agree with me here. Go find your family and spend some time with them. Color with your kids. Hold the door for someone who is behind you. Send a card to someone for no reason!

It's bedtime and I'm rambling.

PS- the pic is from my 30th birthday. We made hats and laughed alot. That's Kristel, Me, Trever and April. :)

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