Tuesday, December 30, 2008

hmmm...I'm not sure what I'm thinking...

So I've been on the phone with Trever and folks, telling them what Darrell's email said. It's awesome news. April is incrementally improving. I'm thinking about my pleading/begging for prayers, but I realized a minute ago that maybe I need to break it down (for me to focus) and while still praying for total restoration, offer some specifics as well. So here's my feeble attempt:
1. For April's body to accept this new heart, and rest tonight.
2. For Darrell. The man is beyond exhausted, hasn't slept in a bed in over three weeks, hasn't slept a full night in 3 weeks, is living off cafeteria food, and is having to make decisions that none of us can imagine daily. Pray he's refreshed physically and mentally tonight. Pray for peace and wisdom too, as he makes decisions re: finances, job, the day to day life that goes on in the midst of the storm.
3. For Jean. April's mom is much like Darrell at this point. Though she's spending each night at April's house, I'm sure she's not resting.
4. For Grace. She's two, and while I think she's taking this all better than the rest of us because she doesn't understand the complexity and scariness, she needs her mommy.
5. For the medical community at Duke. They need wisdom and energy to help Pokey through this.
Ok....that's a good start. Thanks to each of you. I know I'm encouraged by your notes/emails/phone calls, and I've shared them with April and Darrell too and they are appreciative. It's hard to return all the calls/emails, but please know they are heard.

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